JDC Scaffolding

Established in 1994, the company offers commercial scaffolding solutions using tube

and fitting scaffolding to provide bespoke scaffold access, temporary roofs, support,

together with design services.


JDC have successfully completed projects all over London, whilst remaining focussed on providing clients with efficient and affordable solutions. In more recent years, the company has developed a reputation as a market leader in providing scaffolding structures on more challenging projects that often require significant initial investment to design. As a result, JDC have emerged as a premium scaffolding provider that are able to provide solutions where others do not possess the capabilities.



Qualifying Projects Identified


From holding detailed discussions with the technical experts at JDC, we were able to identify various qualifying projects, resulting in the submission of a successful claim.




"The team at SAS R&D made the whole claim process simple, leaving us to focus on running our business. Their knowledge in identifying qualifying projects and the related expenditure was invaluable, ensuring we were able to maximise the claim amount. Their friendly, proactive approach was vital in completing the claim, from start to finish, in less than one week’s time. We look forward to working with them again!

(David Eaves - Managing Director)

Case Studies

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