Mesh4 is a privately-owned business that was formed in 2014 from the management

buyout of Tenax UK which had been operating in the UK since 1998.


With offices and warehousing Based in Wrexham and Luton, Mesh4 supply one of the widest ranges of reinforcement and erosion control products, Mesh4 is well established as a major supplier to the civil engineering, construction, landscaping, sports and public amenity sectors throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

Qualifying Projects Identified

From holding detailed discussions with the technical experts at Mesh4, we were able to identify various qualifying projects, resulting in the submission of successful claims in two separate financial years.



"We had previously used a firm of accountants to assist with a R&D claim, which was subsequently queried by HMRC, leading to a significant amount of our time being wasted on providing evidence. SAS R&D took the time to ensure that wasn’t the case this time round and their specialist knowledge made all the difference."

(James Smirthwaite - Managing Director)

Case Studies

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