New Net Technologies

New Net Technologies are a cyber security and compliance solutions manufacturer

delivering non-stop, improvement-based change control, compliance management,

vulnerability management and breach detection solutions.


The company protects thousands of organizations worldwide from the daily threat of cyberattack. NNT maximizes preventative measures against known exploits, while providing a forensic-level early-warning detection of newly developed attack methods.



Qualifying Projects Identified

From holding detailed discussions with the technical experts at NNT, we were able to identify various qualifying projects, such as the one given below.


F.A.S.T. Cloud

F.A.S.T. Cloud has been developed to provide a comprehensive file ‘whitelist’ of known-safe files, augmenting the ‘blacklist’ approach used by Anti-Virus systems. This addresses key IT security problems, including Zero-Day Malware identification and the provision of automated file-change analysis, invaluable as part of a wider change control program, typically delivered by NNT’s file integrity monitoring product, Change Tracker™ Gen 7.



Qualifying Expenditure


We were able to identify significant levels of qualifying expenditure for R&D purposes, resulting in substantial Corporation Tax savings.





"SAS R&D have handled our R&D claim process over a number of years and their expertise has ensured all claims have been accepted promptly by HMRC without query. Professional, friendly and efficient!"

(Mark Kedgley - Chief Technology Officer)

Case Studies

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