VAP Games

VAP games was founded in June 2017 as a games designer, developer and retail company.


The company aims to combine technological gaming elements into existing board gaming

concepts and ideas. VAP Games are a truly innovative company that are bringing the “at home”

gaming industry into the 21st century, ensuring traditional family time is not lost with the

advancement of modern society.


Escape the Casino is a taster to this new Digitop gaming experience #Digitop. Up until now, gamers have had to visit specialist escape room sites to experience these activities, however VAP Games have created a solution to bring this exciting new live gaming experience into everyone’s front room via Escape the Casino.



Qualifying Projects Identified

From holding detailed discussions with the technical experts at VAP Games, we were able to identify the qualifying project detailed below.

Escape The Casino

The design and production of a truly innovative board game that seamlessly combines the physical board game and props, with a bespoke in game app and digital scoring platform.



Qualifying Expenditure


We were able to identify £21,981 of qualifying expenditure for R&D purposes, resulting in cash repayments of £7,331.





"As this is my first shot at building a start-up business, I have no experience of the R&D claim process. SAS R&D were able to explain the whole process, whilst also translating my innovation into a coherent technical narrative that ultimately resulted in a successful claim."

(Jacqui Gahan - Founder and Managing Director)

Case Studies

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